We have enjoyed working with all of our clients. Below are testimonials from some of the great people and organizations that we’ve had the privilege of serving. You can also find a partial list of our clients by clicking this link.

Susan Fillafer
Susan Fillafer Junior Achievement
I’ve been fortunate to work with Rick on several occasions. He is a great workshop leader and very knowledgeable. He has a way of putting you at ease and leading you to self-discovery.
Michelle Chunn
Michelle Chunn Tri-Cities Visitor & Convention Bureau
Peak Performance Systems provides strategies to create better, more profitable workplaces. Survey results prove without a doubt that his systems and delivery are sure to assist any business increase in their bottom line and be a more productive, happy , synergistic workforce.
Jan Darrington
Jan Darrington Business Banking Adviser
Rick at Peak Performance is a skilled teacher, leader, and facilitator for companies and organizations. He facilitated an effective strategic planning process, which resulted in many successful changes!
Jon Peterson Former V.P., Human Resources, Fluor Hanford Co.
The Leadership Essentials course provided us with practical, yet powerful, strategies and tools for our managers to deal with human performance issues. It is some of the best training I’ve ever seen.
Carol Etgen City of Poulsbo
What you taught us is certainly something our entire class has reflected on and referred to after each day together. I personally think you are the very best facilitator/teacher I’ve ever had the pleasure of being exposed to. It’s pretty special being able to touch people’s lives the way you do. I’m definitely one of your greatest fans!
Jared Balcom Former President Leadership, Tri-Cities
We’ve asked him to provide our annual two-day leadership workshop for the last 13 years. Many of our past participants have said it was the most important and insightful workshop they have ever attended!
Layne Erdman Former Chief of Police, West Richland, WA
The leadership workshop far exceeded my expectations. Rick provides a lively and interesting presentation with valuable insights and fresh information. The mixture of small group discussions, videos, and simulations kept the group engaged the entire day. This was one of the most valuable leadership seminars I’ve attended!
Beth Jackson Human Resources, Fluor Corporation
The leadership development program they created for our 400 managers and supervisors was very successful. Their passion for helping people to grow and develop was evident. The workshops received high praise from all our managers.
Gary Crutchfield City Manager, City of Pasco
Rick has facilitated our Community Forum for the past ten years. He has skillfully handled some very emotional topics from our citizens. He does a great job and that’s why we keep asking him back!
Heather Robinson Coffey Communications
The workshop was life changing for me. The principles and tools were practical, yet powerful. The class was incredible and I can’t wait to share what I learned with my colleagues.
Shawna Mason
As a result of the workshop I got rid of some things that were a source of stress and not a good use of my time. I completed some projects that I’ve been meaning to get to for over six months. Thank you for giving me a whole new perspective on how I spend my time!
Gary Greene
It is obvious that Rick is an excellent presenter and his sole focus is on the improvement of his clients lives.